About All About Wood Stain

All About Wood Stain was created by a professional wood stainer who was tired of the lack of good information to be found online about wood stain.

“Welcome to our website. I am the owner of a local painting company. In my business, we do all kinds of wood staining. From fences and decks to siding, flooring, and cabinets. I want to give you top-notch information about how to apply wood stain. Also, I will tell you the best products out there to get your job done right.”

Matt Stone – Owner, AAWS

Matt Stone is the owner of All About Wood Stain

I have used just about every type of exterior wood stain and method for applying it. I want to share with you what has worked for me. I will be writing comprehensive how-to articles to help you with your project. I will also give you in-depth reviews of stains, sprayers, brushes, and other tools you will need to get the best results.

We will also do field tests for the products we recommend and share the results with you on the site.

How All About Wood Stain Makes Money

All About Wood Stain participates in the Amazon Affiliate program. This means that we are supported by our readers. When you click on links found on this website, we may get a commission from any purchases you make.

We do not use the commission we might receive as a factor in ranking products or whether they get a good review. There is already too much bad information on the web about wood stain. We want to be part of the solution, offering the best advice possible. Whether we make money or not.

What Next?

Feel free to browse our how-to articles on fence staining. We are currently working on adding our first round of product reviews.