Best Pump Sprayer for Staining a Fence

the best pump sprayers for staining a fence lined up in a row

A pump sprayer is a great way to stain a fence really fast… if you choose the right one. These sprayers are easier to use than other types of paint sprayers and work without any electricity. That being said, not all pump-up sprayers will work for staining fences. Some are just not made to stand … Read more

Best Roller For Staining a Fence

a bunch of the best rollers for staining a fence lined up

Staining a fence with a roller is a good way to spruce up your backyard. The roller will apply the stain much quicker than a brush, without the overspray of a sprayer.  If you have ever looked at rollers on the paint aisle though, you know there are so many options to choose from. Choosing … Read more

How to Use a Moisture Meter

Picture of a moisture meter measuring the moisture content of a fence

Using a moisture meter is an essential step before you start a new staining project. However, learning how to use a moisture meter is not as straightforward as it seems. There are a few tips and tricks you must know to get an accurate reading. I have used many moisture meters in my fence staining … Read more

Best Stain for an Old Wood Fence

an old wooden fence with weathered siding wearing off the wood

Staining an old, weathered fence comes with unique challenges. Choosing the right stain will help the process go smoother and the end result look better. With an older fence the boards will not be in pristine condition like a new fence. The wood may be weathered and worn. The right stain for the job will … Read more

Best Oil-Based Fence Stain

fence stain cans from various oil-based fence stains.

We recommend using an oil-based fence stain on all wood fences. These stains will penetrate into the wood and protect it from moisture, UV rays, and mold. While there are many brands of stains out there, some are definitely better than others. We have tested many different brands of fence stains in our backyard to … Read more

Best Brush for Staining a Fence

a lineup of brushes vying to be the the best brush to stain a fence

If you are going to stain a fence you will need a brush at some point. Choosing the best brush for staining a fence is a good way to get your project started off right. But, there are so many options to choose from. You must consider the shape size and material of the brush. … Read more

Cabot Semi-Transparent Stain Review

Read below for our full review. Product Overview Cabot semi-transparent stain is an oil-based penetrating stain made for outdoor wood. It is designed to safeguard decks, fences, gazebos, and even outdoor furniture. Cabot is a respected brand for outdoor stain and tends to make high quality products. When applied, this stain will soak into wood … Read more

Olympic Elite Stain Review

Keep Reading for the entire review. Product Overview Olympic Elite transparent and semi-transparent stain is an oil-based wood sealing and staining product. It is designed to protect exterior wood from moisture, UV rays and mildew. It can be applied to any exterior wood including fences, decks, siding and outdoor furniture.  The oil in Olympic Elite … Read more

TWP 100 Series Review

Read the full review below. I have applied TWP to my customer’s decks with good results. I have seen firsthand how TWP can keep a fence looking good for years.  Note: TWP 100 series is not available in every state because of VOC regulations. If you live in a state that requires low VOC products … Read more

SuperDeck Stain Review

an image of superdeck on a couple boards showing the uneven appearance

Read below to get all the details. I have been applying Sherwin-Williams products for years. I am impressed with the company’s commitment to quality in its products. While I can give an unqualified recommendation for many of their paint products, their exterior stains have some limitations. Keep reading to get my take on Superdeck oil-based … Read more