Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain Review

Read Below to Find our full review of Wood Defender Fence Stain. I have applied hundreds of gallons of Wood Defender fence stain in my career. It has become one of my go-to stains. I have found it to be an easy-to-use stain with many benefits. Let me share my review of Wood Defender fence … Read more

Wood Defender Semi-transparent Fence Stain Review

Read Below to Find our full review of Wood Defender semi-transparent fence stain. Wood Defender semi-transparent fence stain has become one of our go-to products for protecting fences in our painting company. The strong pigments in this stain will cover up imperfections in older pickets but will also let some wood grain show through on … Read more

Ready Seal Stain Review

Read below for the full review. Ready Seal brand stain was the first brand that I used in my professional staining company. I really appreciated how easy it was to apply. It was a great option to use as a beginner stainer. That is why it is one of my top recommendations for homeowners and … Read more

Thompson’s Water Seal Stain Review

Make sure to read the entire review before you purchase Thompson’s Water Seal. I have had experience applying Thompson’s Water Seal for my customers and have tested it in my own backyard. I have found a few things I think you should be aware of before you choose this product. Product Overview Product Ratings Ease … Read more

Your Guide to Fence Stain Colors

Feature Image for the article on Fence Stain Colors that features a brown cedar fence with Wood Defender stain.

There has been an explosion of fence stain colors available today. Gone are the days when you have to choose between a half dozen shades of brown or red. With this bounty of choices comes the challenge of narrowing it down to just one.  If you are looking for inspiration for your next fence staining … Read more

Should I Stain Both Sides of my Fence?

Cedar stained fence

There are several reasons why you may want to stain only one side of your fence. Staining only one side can reduce the cost of staining. Also, the other side of the fence may be in a neighbor’s yard you cannot access. Either way, if at all possible, we recommend staining both sides of your … Read more

How To Stain A Fence

Learning how to stain a fence is a great way to make your wood fence look great and last longer. A fence stain will protect your fence from rotting and will keep it looking new instead of turning an unattractive gray color. Plus, you can save a bundle over hiring a fence staining company.  At … Read more

Should You Stain a Cedar Fence?

Featured image for should you stain a cedar fence

Cedar is a natural wood choice for fences because it naturally resists rotting and insects. But, does this mean that it shouldn’t be stained or sealed? Every cedar fence should be treated with a high-quality fence stain. Staining the fence will make it last longer. While cedar has its own natural resistance to decay from … Read more