Best Pump Sprayer for Staining a Fence

the best pump sprayers for staining a fence lined up in a row

A pump sprayer is a great way to stain a fence really fast… if you choose the right one. These sprayers are easier to use than other types of paint sprayers and work without any electricity. That being said, not all pump-up sprayers will work for staining fences. Some are just not made to stand … Read more

Best Roller For Staining a Fence

a bunch of the best rollers for staining a fence lined up

Staining a fence with a roller is a good way to spruce up your backyard. The roller will apply the stain much quicker than a brush, without the overspray of a sprayer.  If you have ever looked at rollers on the paint aisle though, you know there are so many options to choose from. Choosing … Read more

Best Brush for Staining a Fence

a lineup of brushes vying to be the the best brush to stain a fence

If you are going to stain a fence you will need a brush at some point. Choosing the best brush for staining a fence is a good way to get your project started off right. But, there are so many options to choose from. You must consider the shape size and material of the brush. … Read more