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TWP 100 Series Exterior Stain

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Product Description

This is a review of TWP 100 series fence and deck stain.

TWP is an exterior wood stain that protects against moisture, mildew and UV Rays. It is suitable for decks, fences, outdoor furniture and siding.

We recommend TWP as a good way to protect your outdoor wooden structures.

This product comes in 8 color options that highlight natural wood grain. It is designed to fully penetrate the wood for good protection without peeling.

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Single Gallons

Five Gallon Buckets


Protects from UV Rays and Moisture

Good Penetration

Mildew Resistant


Not the easiest to apply

Limited Color Options

High VOC

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I have applied TWP to my customer’s decks with good results. I have seen firsthand how TWP can keep a fence looking good for years. 

Note: TWP 100 series is not available in every state because of VOC regulations. If you live in a state that requires low VOC products you should consider TWP 1500 series

For my complete take on Total Wood Preservative (TWP) stain keep reading below.

Product Overview

TWP or Total Wood Preservative is an oil-based fence and deck stain manufactured by Gemini Coatings. It is intended to prolong the life of exterior wood. In addition to fences and decks, it can be used on outdoor furniture, siding, and gazebos. 

The Product uses high-quality trans-oxide pigments that block UV rays that can damage exterior lumber over time. It’s oil base is made to fully penetrate into wood to keep moisture out. This will protect against both rotting and warping.

Product Ratings

Ease of Application6
Initial Appearance8
Average Rating:7.0/10

Ease of Application

TWP is a standard oil-based stain and requires the use of best practices to get good results. This includes applying the stain in an even coat, back brushing if you are spraying, and keeping a wet edge while you stain. If these steps are followed you should get an even color and a finish that will protect your wood.

One thing I have noticed when applying TWP is that it dries quickly on your hands and equipment. When it does it starts to feel really sticky. I recommend wearing gloves when using this product to keep it off your skin. Also, make sure to clean any tools you are using with mineral spirits. The sooner you clean them, the easier it will be to get the stain off.

Application methods: Brush, Roller, Pump Sprayer, Sprayer

Requires back brushing: Yes

Requires keeping a wet edge: Yes 

Initial Appearance

a can of twp wood stain in front of two boards that were stained with the pecan color.

TWP offers eight transparent colors for their stain. This means that the stain will highlight wood grain in new wood. The colors range from a light natural wood look to dark oak. They also have interesting gray colors called Cape Cod gray and prairie gray.

If you have older wood that needs to be covered up you can select one of their darker colors like dark oak. The lighter colors may show too much of the underlying wood in this situation.

When applied correctly, TWP has a flat appearance and should have minimal sheen.


TWP is intended to fully penetrate the wood. This means care must be taken during application to remove any excess product. Any stain that dried without penetrating the wood will result in a shiny spot that is prone to peeling.


This stain tends to cost a little higher than average for exterior oil-based stains. It offers good value for the price.

Ease of Reapplication

 TWP recommends applying a new coat of stain when the color starts to fade (usually 12-24 months). Applying a new coat of TWP required that the fence be cleaned first. This can be done by lightly cleaning the wood with a power washer. 

After the fence is dry, a new application can proceed in the same way the first coat was applied. TWP does not require you to remove an old coat of the same product before you apply their stain. If a different stain brand was put on first, it will need to be removed completely before you apply TWP


If applied correctly, TWP should not have any issues with peeling. The stain should fully penetrate the wood. Make sure to wipe off any excess stain during the application process.


Product Information

Stain Type: Oil-based, penetrating

Color Options: 8

Application temperatures: 50° – 85°

Recommended coats: one or two

Coverage: 150-400

Dry Time: 12-18 hours

Cleanup: Mineral Spirits

Data Sheet

Manufacturer: Gemini Coatings

Alternatives to TWP Total Wood Preservative

A good alternative to TWP wood stain is Cabot Timber Oil stain. It is also good to use on decks and fences. It uses a blend of three oils to achieve enhanced protection. Read our full Cabot Timber Oil Review.

Our Verdict

We recommend TWP stain for protecting your wooden outdoor structures. It is a good option for decks especially.

Single Gallons

Five Gallon Buckets

How Much Stain Do You Need?

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Author: Matt Stone
Matt has worked as a professional painter for over 10 years. This includes much experience with all types of wood stains. He loves to write about wood stains to help others make good choices to protect their homes and make them beautiful.