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Wood Defender Cedar Tone has consistently been one of the most popular colors for new cedar fences. The warm red undertones in this stain color nicely blend with the natural red tones in cedar. This transparent stain color will allow all the beauty of cedar wood to show through.

Wood Defender Cedar Tone is a light red, transparent fence stain color that mimics the look of natural cedar.

This color pairs especially well with western red cedar because it brings out the warm red colors already in the wood. Cedar Tone is a lightly pigmented color which means it will look more natural than many other color options. This also means that it will tend to fade a little faster than some other colors.

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Wood Defender cedar tone fence stain color has just been applied to this cedar fence.

How Wood Defender Cedar Tone Compares to Other Colors

Cedar Tone is one of the lighter, more natural colors that Wood Defender offers. It attempts to be a natural cedar color. It has a less intense red look than the redwood color. Another similar color would be harvest brown which is a more neutral brown color.

Cedar Tone

wood defender cedar tone stain on a new fence.


sierra fence stain on a new fence.

The closest equivalent color in the semi-transparent line is Sierra. This stain color also has a red undertone to it. The Sierra stain color will cover up more of the underlying wood than cedar tone will. Sierra also seems to have a bit more of an orange undertone. Either option is a great way to give a fence a natural looking stain color.

Cedar Tone is a Transparent Stain


a new fence that has not been stained


a cedar fence with wood defender stain on it.

Cedar Tone is a Wood Defender transparent stain. Transparent stains are made to highlight the beauty of natural wood. It is especially suited to new cedar fences and decks. It would also look great on redwood or other woods that accept stains well. I have used it on pine fences also with good success.

Cedar tone can be used on older fences if the wood is in good condition. Because it is very transparent it will not cover up imperfections and blemishes in damaged wood fences. For older fences, I would recommend a semi-transparent fence stain.

As a transparent stain, it should be restained every two or three years depending on the weather conditions.

What Architectural Styles Go With Cedar Tone?

Cedar Tone is a natural looking stain that will pair well with styles that favor a natural look. It is a great compliment to a rustic or country style. If your home has red brick or a warm color paint then cedar tone will pair well with your home.

Lighter colors tend to stand out more than darker colors. Since cedar tone is a lighter color it will tend to make a statement wherever it is used. If you want your fence or deck to stand out this would be a great color option.

How Popular is Wood Defender Cedar Tone?

As mentioned above, Cedar Tone is one of the most popular colors of Wood Defender. I have applied more of this color than any other Wood Defender color in my staining career. It seems like the color has become slightly less popular in recent years compared to some darker stains like oxford brown and leatherwood.

A more important question is, “does this stain fit with my style and the look I want?” If the stain color fits your style, it is a good choice for you.

Where to Find Cedar Tone Online

One of the easiest places to order Wood Defender Cedar Tone online is Amazon. They offer free shipping on qualifying orders and will quickly ship it to your home.

Find Wood Defender Cedar Tone on Amazon

If you need to know how much stain you should order, read: How Much Stain do I Need?

Or, Wood Defender has a fence stain calculator.

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