The Natural Elegance of Wood Defender Clear Glow

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Matt Stone

It’s easy to fall in love with the natural beauty of cedar or redwood fences. Many homeowners want to protect their fences without altering the natural color of the wood. We recommend Wood Defender clear glow to protect your investment without changing its beauty. It’s a remarkable product that brings out the inherent beauty of the wood while adding years of protection against the elements.

Clear Glow is one of our top recommendations for a clear stain or sealer.

Description of the Clear Glow Color

Clear Glow is a transparent color with carefully selected pigments designed to match the natural color of wood. The sealer gives the fence a “wet look” or a similar appearance to how the fence looks after a rain. This unique formula is the result of Wood Defender’s innovative approach to wood preservation. Once a traditional clear sealer, Clear Glow has undergone a transformation that maintains its original appeal while improving its durability.

The Evolution of Clear Glow

Originally, Clear Glow was a pigment-free product that relied solely on its oil component to seal and protect the wood. However, recognizing the opportunity for enhancement, Wood Defender made a critical change. By incorporating natural colored pigments into the formula, Clear Glow retains its original look but now lasts significantly longer.

Benefits and Applications


a new cedar fence that is ready to be stained.


A cedar fence that has just been stained with wood defender clear glow stain and sealer.

Clear Glow is designed for those who appreciate the natural beauty of wood and want to protect it without altering its inherent color. It’s a perfect fit for fences, decks, and outdoor furniture, where it offers a shield against weathering while preserving the wood’s character.

The Clear Glow stain penetrates the wood, forming a barrier that prevents moisture damage and decay. It also offers UV protection, ensuring the wood maintains its color for longer. This is all while delivering a natural, transparent finish that enhances rather than obscures the grain of the wood.

Why Choose Clear Glow?

a new 8 foot tall fence that has just been stained with clear glow stain from Wood Defender.

Clear Glow offers the best of both worlds. It provides the protective benefits of a sealer and the aesthetic appeal of a natural wood finish. If you’re looking to extend the life of your wooden structures while preserving their natural charm, Clear Glow is an excellent choice.

Clear Glow is a versatile stain that complements a wide range of architectural styles due to its natural and transparent finish. Here are a few styles where it would particularly shine:

  1. Rustic/Log Cabins: Clear Glow can highlight the innate beauty of wood on log cabins or rustic-styled homes. It enhances the grain and texture of the wood, adding to the cozy, natural charm of these structures.
  2. Scandinavian: Known for its simplicity, minimalism, and love for natural elements, Clear Glow is a perfect fit for Scandinavian designs. It can help maintain the light, airy feel that’s characteristic of this style while offering protection to the wood.
  3. Modern/Contemporary: Modern designs often feature a mix of materials and neutral colors. Clear Glow can be used on wooden elements to maintain their natural color, providing a warm contrast to the often cool tones of modern architecture.
  4. Craftsman: Craftsman style homes often feature extensive woodwork. Clear Glow can protect and enhance these features, underlining the detailed craftsmanship without changing the wood’s original color.

Exploring Alternatives to Clear Glow

While Clear Glow offers a stunning natural finish, Wood Defender also provides other exceptional colors in their line that might better suit different tastes and needs. If you’re considering alternatives, here are a few options:

Cedar Tone

Cedar Tone stain on a new wood fence.

Cedar Tone is another transparent color that delivers a richer and more red hue compared to Clear Glow. This stain is an excellent choice for those who prefer the rich, warm tones often associated with cedar wood. It can give your wooden structures a rustic appeal while offering the same high-quality protection.

Harvest Brown

A Wooden fence that has just been stained with wood  defender harvest brown stain.

If you’re drawn to the earthy colors of autumn, Harvest Brown might be the perfect fit. This true light brown transparent stain has a subtle warmth that can enhance the look of any wooden structure. Like all Wood Defender stains, Harvest Brown penetrates the wood, providing a robust shield against the elements and maintaining the wood’s natural grain visibility.


For those who prefer a lighter touch, Goldenrod is the lightest semi-transparent option in Wood Defender’s range. This color creates a gentle, sun-kissed effect that can brighten up any outdoor space. While being a semi-transparent stain, Goldenrod still allows the wood’s natural grain and character to shine through, while providing the increased protection and coverage of a semi-transparent stain..


Wood Defender’s Clear Glow is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and quality. It captures the natural allure of wood and amplifies it with added protection and durability. For those in search of a product that respects and enhances the inherent beauty of wood, Clear Glow is a solution that delivers on all fronts.

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Author: Matt Stone
Matt has worked as a professional painter for over 10 years. This includes much experience with all types of wood stains. He loves to write about wood stains to help others make good choices to protect their homes and make them beautiful.

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  1. I just finished building a cedar pool deck. I’m looking for a sealer that will prevent the cedar from graying, but won’t stain the cedar an orangey color, often seen with cedar tone stains. Does the Clear Glow prevent cedar from graying?

    • Hey Myki, Clear Glow does help with graying. It also enhances the yellow color inherent in Cedar wood. I hope the pictures are helpful for you. If you are concerned about the color change you may try a sample of the clear glow on a scrap board if you have one. You can order samples directly from Wood Defender online.


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