The Warm Appeal of Wood Defender Leatherwood Stain Color

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Matt Stone

When it comes to preserving the beauty of wood while enhancing its longevity, Wood Defender is a trusted name in the industry. One of their most popular colors is leatherwood. This color is a not too light and not too dark medium brown. It is a perfect neutral brown with warm undertones that make it a versatile fit for many styles.

Description of the Leatherwood Color

leatherwood color on a new cedar fence.

Leatherwood is a medium warm brown shade that carries a timeless charm. Its color mirrors the natural, rich tones found in high-quality leather, hence the name. It’s a transparent stain, designed to allow the grain and texture of the wood to shine through while enhancing it with a classic, warm hue.

Benefits and Applications

This is a new wooden gate that has been stained with wood defender leatherwood stain.

Leatherwood, with its deep, warm tones, is perfect for those who seek a traditional and sophisticated look for their wooden structures. Whether it’s a backyard fence, a deck, or outdoor furniture, Leatherwood can transform it into a beautiful piece.

Like all Wood Defender stains, Leatherwood penetrates the wood, offering a robust barrier against moisture damage and decay. It also includes UV protection, ensuring the color remains vibrant for a long time. The resulting finish is a rich, transparent coat that enhances the wood’s natural beauty.


 a fence around a pool that is ready for stain.


after shot of a pool around a fence that has just had wood defender stain applied to it.

Why Choose Leatherwood?

If you’re looking for a stain that will add a touch of classic elegance to your wood without hiding its natural characteristics, Leatherwood is an excellent choice. Its warm brown color complements a wide range of architectural styles, and its transparent nature allows the wood’s unique features to remain the star of the show.

Wood Defender Leatherwood is versatile and harmonizes with various architectural styles. Here are a few where it would particularly shine:

a cedar fence with a warm brown stain applied to it.
  1. Craftsman: The Craftsman style, known for its extensive woodwork and focus on natural materials, is an ideal match for Leatherwood. The stain enhances the wood’s features and adds a touch of elegance to the handcrafted details this style is known for.
  2. Rustic/Log Cabins: Leatherwood can add a layer of sophistication to rustic designs or log cabins, highlighting the wood’s natural textures while enriching it with its warm hue.
  3. Traditional: Traditional homes often feature classic, warm colors. Leatherwood can complement these designs by adding a timeless charm to the wooden structures.
  4. Mediterranean: The warm, rich tones of Leatherwood can pair beautifully with the earthy palette and textured surfaces characteristic of Mediterranean-style homes.
  5. Colonial: Colonial-style homes, known for their symmetry and elegance, can benefit from the classic appeal of Leatherwood. The warm hue can enhance the architectural details and add depth to the overall aesthetic.

Remember, the choice of stain should align with your personal taste and the specific design elements of your home. It’s always a good idea to apply a small amount of stain to a hidden area of the wood first to see how it will look before committing to a larger application.

Exploring Alternatives to Leatherwood

  1. Clear Glow: For a more natural and transparent finish that highlights the wood’s inherent beauty.
  2. Cedar Tone: A transparent color that delivers a darker, more red hue.
  3. Harvest Brown: A true light brown transparent color with a subtle warmth.
  4. Sable Brown: If you’re looking for a semi-transparent option, Sable Brown is an excellent choice. It delivers a deeper, slightly darker tone compared to Leatherwood, adding a touch of sophistication to your wooden structures.


Wood Defender’s Leatherwood stain is a blend of classic elegance and modern protection. Its warm, medium brown color is reminiscent of high-quality leather, offering a sense of sophistication and timeless appeal. For those looking for a product that not only protects their wood but also enhances its natural beauty, Leatherwood is a great choice.

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Author: Matt Stone
Matt has worked as a professional painter for over 10 years. This includes much experience with all types of wood stains. He loves to write about wood stains to help others make good choices to protect their homes and make them beautiful.

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